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U.S. Indices: A Relatively Calm Day Before Christmas

In this last (full) session before the extended Christmas weekend, Wall Street regained some ground. On Wednesday, the Dow Jones picked up +0.38 percent to 30,130 points. The S&P 500’s wide index gained +0.07% to 3,690 points, while the Nasdaq Composite index, rich in stocks in technology and biotech, slipped -0.29% to 12,771 points. Brussels and London are apparently close to an agreement on Brexit after months of talks, although some of the sticking points still seemed to remain on Wednesday. That was enough to overshadow the umpteenth blowout of Donald Trump, who vowed not to ratify the US Congress’

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Dollar Strengthened As Virus Situation Is Putting Pressure On The Euro Zone

The US dollar strengthened against major currencies on Tuesday, December 22. The DXY index was up 0.66 percent on the day to close at 90.546, while price of EUR/USD pair dropped by 0.62 percent to $1.21637. The rise came as the situation with coronavirus in the UK is still in the centre of interest of market participants. There is growing concern at the moment that the latest strain of the virus may have already spread to Germany and France, though it has already been identified in Italy. In these conditions, it cannot be ruled out that the United Kingdom will

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U.S. Indices Closed In Spread Order After Fed Reaffirmed The Support

The New York Stock Exchange ended in a spread order on Wednesday after a volatile day with the Nasdaq setting a new record high, while the S&P 500 is close to its own. The Fed reaffirmed its intention to continue its long-term support in the evening and was more hopeful about a rebound in 2021, considering a few tough months ahead of the coronavirus vaccination campaign. Markets are also in hopes that an agreement on a new $900 billion funding package to resolve the coronavirus pandemic will be immediately announced by U.S. Congress. The Dow Jones index finally gave up

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U.S. Indices: Dow Jones, S&P 500 Took Negative Trend, Nasdaq Succeed To Add

After celebrating the launch of the U.S. coronavirus vaccine program, Wall Street ended Monday’s half-tone session in the face of the epidemic’s revival. The 300,000-dead Covid-19 mark was symbolically crossed in the U.S. on Monday, and New York City is contemplating re-shutting itself. Investors are also frustrated with the United States’ slowness. Congress is approving a new economic support package and is also looking forward to the next Fed conference scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday. The industrial average of the Dow Jones dropped -0.62 percent to 29,861 points at the close, dipping below 30,000 points, while the large index of

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U.S. Job Openings Rose In October, Canada Also Approved Covid Vaccine

On Wednesday, job openings on the macro-economic front in the U.S. stood at 6.652 million in October, compared to 6.3 million by consensus. The reading of the previous month has been updated to 6.494 million; the U.S. JOLTS’s Department of Labor study reveals. Wholesale inventories for October also rose 1.1 percent month over month compared to a revised rise of 0.9 percent in September and against a consensus 0.9 percent for the same. On the vaccine front on Wednesday, Canada declared it had approved the Pfizer/BioNTech alliance vaccine, becoming the third country to give the go-ahead after the United Kingdom

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U.S. Indices Closed In Green With New Records

The U.S. indices ended the trading session in positive territory on Tuesday, December 8, after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released first scientific evaluation, setting the stage for the government to give a go ahead to the Covid-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech for emergency use in the United States. The United Kingdom has already begun mass use of this vaccine on Tuesday. However the worsening of the pandemic situation in the country is of concern to U.S. investors. About 14.9 million cases of coronavirus infection have been detected in the United States since the beginning of the

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U.S. Indices Remained In Green On Thursday, Mass Vaccination In New York To Start On December 15

On Thursday December 3, in the hope of progress in negotiations on a new stimulus package, the key U.S indices showed positive dynamics. Safe haven assets also came up with positive traits on the day with gold and US Treasury bonds added more to their values. The larger Standard & Poor’s 500 index was stable at -0.06 percent to 3,666.72 points, the blue-chip Dow Jones Industrial Average increased by 0.29 percent to 29,969.52 points, while the NASDAQ Composite index of high-tech industries was up 0.23 percent at 12,377.18 points. WTI light crude futures rose 0.8 percent to $45.64 per barrel.

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Investors Appreciated Return Of The “Dove” As Janet Yellen Officially Announced As Treasury Secretary

So since Monday, it has been official. Janet Yellen, the former chair of the U.S. Federal Reserve, has been appointed Treasury Secretary by Joe Biden. She will take over from Steven Mnuchin when the new White House administration assumes office on January 20. The 74-year-old economist who graduated from the universities of Brown and Yale was the first woman to head the Fed, which she chaired from February 2014 to February 2018, and became the first female Secretary of the Treasury. The Senate, which is likely to remain under Republican influence, will be asked to vote on her nomination by

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U.S. Markets Advantageous Of Vaccine News This Month, Stocks Of Vaccine Makers Jumped On Wednesday

This month, markets have benefited from many comfort factors, beginning with the positive outcomes of many coronavirus vaccine trials, but also the approval by Donald Trump of the presidential transition, or the insistent reports of former Fed boss Janet Yellen as head of Joe Biden’s Treasury Department. But, it is necessary for this appointment to must be confirmed by the Senate, which should remain under the jurisdiction of the Republicans. As an ex Fed boos, monetary policy of Ms. Yellen remained appreciated by the markets. And now the financial sector has been viewing her appointment as Treasury Secretary as well

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Chico’s FAS (CHS), Hormel Foods (HRL), Moderna (MRNA), Analog Devices (ADI) Stocks Lost Amid Surge In Stock Markets

Chico’s FAS Inc. (CHS) declined by -10 percent on Tuesday. The apparel retailer posted solid third quarter sales growth of 14.8 percent compared to the previous quarter, and an expanding gross margin of 740 basis points. The year-on-year digital growth was 67 percent. Best Buy Co. Inc (BBY) dropped -6.96 percent on Tuesday as the largest US retailer of consumer electronics posted adjusted earnings per share of $2.06 in the third quarter compared to a consensus of $1.73. Quarterly sales totaled $11.85 billion, compared to a forecast of $11 billion. Like-for-like growth was 23%. Online domestic like-for-like sales jumped 174%.