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Stock Investing

Stocks and types of stock: Detailed Analysis

The word “Stock” is often mentioned in the news, in conversation, or on the web. Stock market, trading, investing, and business growth are associated with the term stock. You will be able to invest in companies and their stocks in the future when you learn

Stock Investing

Biotech Stocks to Watch in 2021

In the biotechnology industry, tools for diagnosing health problems and mechanisms for treating them are developed. Biotech products typically require a significant amount of research and funding before they are approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). A drug’s profitability is often discovered years

Stock Investing

Set Your Sights On fuboTV Inc. (NYSE: FUBO)’S Upside Potential

It is anticipated that FuboTV Inc. (NYSE: FUBO), which specializes in sports broadcasts, would earn substantial earnings by broadcasting matches of the American Football Confederation during the qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup. It is noteworthy that the coronavirus is still constantly adapting to sports

Stock Investing

Why MicroVision Inc. (MVIS) stock is decreasing rapidly?

MicroVision, Inc. (NASDAQ: MVIS) an American company that develops patented laser scanning technology for 3D projection and micro-display technology for augmented reality, announced its financial result for the first quarter of 2021. MVIS stock plunged adjacent to the news. At last check-in premarket trading, shares