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Top stocks under a dollar to watch this month

Covid-19 has had an enormous impact on blue chips and stocks under a dollar similar to the overall general business environment. A new strain of the disease has been detected around the world, suggesting the disease is not over yet.

As a result, financial markets have become more volatile and uncertain. In spite of all this, blue-chip stocks have remained flat, but stocks under a dollar have been on the up. There are no rules for penny stocks, so intraday gains are relatively easy.

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Due to their volatility, stocks under a dollar are considered speculative investments, and buying them is a good way to take advantage of stock market fluctuations.

Penny stocks are risky investments because of their unpredictable nature, so understanding their volatility is very important.

It is common sense that investment decisions should be based on research on relevant investments. Understanding stocks under a dollar metrics and fundamentals can sometime lead to greater profits than investing in Fortune 500 companies.

China XD Plastics Company Limited (CXDC)’s stock price was $0.58 at the previous market close, with its latest volume reaching 188.43 million. Compare that to its average daily volume of 3.60M. Given the fact that this stock has 70.55M shares outstanding, its current market value is sitting at $0.93.

As of the last trading session the stock has achieved a market cap of $65.61 million. Market capitalization is the total dollar value of all outstanding shares of a corporation and is used to measure companies and take their overall market valuation into account. The stock has attained Price-to-sales ratio of 0.06 replicates the cost to be found on sales by the market. The firm maintained Price-to-book ratio of 0.08, which is used to equate the market value of a stock with its book value.

Meten Holding Group Ltd. (METX) kicked off the trading day on 10/27/21 with a price decrease of -24.55%, equivalent to -$0.14 relative change for the day. Taking a more long-term approach, METX had a 52-week range of $0.28 to $4.27. At the time of this article’s publishing, this stock is trading at $0.41.

Monitoring of the financial advantages test, the company profit margin at -40.20% and the operating margin at -43.30%. The organization reported a 35.90 percent Gross Margin. The profit margin figure, also referred to as the revenue ratio or gross profit ratio, is an efficiency formula that deals with the amount of net income earned from revenues generated by comparing the net income and net sales of the business. The higher ratio implies the greater the gain and vice versa.

The shares of BIMI International Medical Inc. (NASDAQ: BIMI) dipped by -57.47% during the trading session on Wednesday, reaching a low of $0.8531 while ending the day at $1.24. During the trading session, a total of 34.77 million shares were traded which represents a -855.29% decline from the average session volume which is 3.64 million shares. BIMI had ended its last session trading at $0.94.

The liquidity is a key characteristic of any stock and is the main point of focus of both short-term as well as long term investors before start trading into a stock. In recently reported quarter, current ratio recorded by BIMI International Medical Inc. was 0.90 while posting a debt to equity ratio of 0.25. The count was 0.03 for long-term debt to equity ratio.

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