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What Led The SAI.TECH (SAI) Stock To Increase After-Hours On Thursday?

The stock of SAI.TECH Global Corporation (NASDAQ: SAI) rose 49.56% in after-hours trading to close at $3.38 after announcing new products and lost -26.14 percent during regular trading.

What products has SAI launched?

As part of its SAIHUB BOX product line, SAI.TECH (SAI) announced this week the addition of two new products, the TANKBOX and RACKBOX. The TANKBOX and RACKBOX are both designed with separate immersion cooling and plate cooling technologies, making them adaptable to any outdoor installation environment and compatible with all current mining models.

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The SAIHUB CAB is the first generation of SAIHUB’s indoor cabinet products. It incorporates high-performance liquid cooling technology on the cold plate and converts waste heat from ASIC chips into electrical energy.


Since TANKBOX uses advanced immersion cooling technology, it can be used with any brand and series of air-cooled mining machines.


With overlock, RACKBOX can achieve 24 to 26PH/s per container with Whatsminer’s latest liquid-cooling miners, M33S+, M33S++, M53, etc. we can integrate 90 units of the latest Whatsminer liquid-cooling miners from Whatsminer on the mountain.

TANKBOX and RACKBOX are both factory-made and shaped like a “BOX” (20ft container). They can be deployed quickly with fewer installation costs and better quality control by integrating all components, including cabinets, power, control, water circulation, and other systems. Additionally, it’s highly mobile and recyclable, so it’s great for utilizing idle energy like flared gas. In reality, a TANKBOX or RACKBOX can be constructed on empty land, with just power, internet, and water needed to start mining.

SAI’s unique waste heat recovery capability makes the TANKBOX and RACKBOX compatible with all air-cooled and liquid-cooled miners. In addition to demonstrating SAI.TECH’s deep and industry-leading expertise in liquid cooling and waste heat recovery, the launch of these two new products brings exciting news to the Bitcoin mining industry and helps ensure that the Bitcoin mining infrastructure has a sustainable future.

How will SAI move forward?

SAIHUB combines advanced liquid cooling and waste heat recovery technologies with CAB, BOX, APP, and PCB to mine Bitcoin. With SAI.TECH’s CAB and BOX hardware lines, one can use ASIC chips for waste heat recovery and liquid cooling. By incorporating these technologies, Bitcoin mining operations can reduce energy costs and become more efficient. As a result of the new hardware products, SAIHUB has expanded into the Bitcoin mining field with TANKBOX and RACKBOX.

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