A Closer Look at Sobr Safe Inc (SOBR) Stock Gains

Sobr Safe Inc experienced a rather shaky stock market performance. The highest value in the past year was recorded at $1.80 on 08/16/23 and the lowest value was $0.13 on 06/26/24. 52-week price history of SOBR Stock Studying a stock’s 52-week price history, which includes


Sobr Safe Inc (SOBR) Stock: A Year of Market Fluctuations

Examining a stock’s 52-week price history, encompassing its low and high prices, can reveal much about its existing condition and potential future trajectory. Sobr Safe Inc’s current trading price is -90.19% away from its 52-week high, while its distance from the 52-week low is -3.07%.


A Tale of Resilience: Sobr Safe Inc Amid Stock Market Turbulence

Sobr Safe Inc’s stock has seen a rocky market performance. The company’s stock achieved a 1-year high of $1.80 on 08/16/23, and the lowest price during that time was $0.20, recorded on 06/17/24. 52-week price history of SOBR Stock A stock’s 52-week high and low


SOBR: Riding the Market Waves of Growth and Decline in 2023

Investors’ outlook regarding the stock price performance over the year has been a mixed bag, with a range of optimism to pessimism depending on their perspective. This year’s metric has recorded a Price decrease of -5.79%. However, over the past six months, we’ve seen a