Core Team

Welcome to, online business and stock-market newspaper covering news and guidelines about forthcoming events and much more!

Editor in Chief

Hasnain Raza

Hasnain has been writing blogs since completion of his studies from University of Sunderland, UK. He came up with an idea of setting up a website, where he can share his insight and capability with individuals interested in stock markets and the investments.


Mark Bellis

Mark is a Finance graduate. He holds vast experience in quite productively monitoring and investing in the stock markets around the globe.  Mark was contacted by Hasnain after reading his blogs to join him as a writer. Mark was more than happy to take advantage of this platform to share his insight and experience with the readers interested in investments of stocks.


Sarah Baker

Sarah is a very young and dynamic individual with quite exceptional research skills. She accomplished her graduation in Finance from Western University in London, Ontario in the year 2016. She has got very impressive writing skills along with very strong knowledge of stock markets.

Sarah initially started with making portfolios for her friends, who were keen on market’s investments. Her market analysis was also published in several business magazines.


Nick Little

Nick completed his graduation in Mass communications from the University of Texas. He initially was hired as a freelancer but soon everyone realized his dedication and talent to offer him a permanent role as a writer at Nick is a specialist in crafting frequent stories, descriptions, captions and blog posts, having worked for a major weekly journal.