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Oil Prices Rose Even In Presence Of Adverse Factors

On Tuesday 15 December, in the face of strengthening restrictive measures in a number of Western countries, oil gained about 1.1 percent in price. Moreover the news of continued growth in the production of oil in Libya puts pressure on the prices. The weakening of

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U.S. Indices: Investor Remained On Backfoot On Wednesday

The markets traded without any obvious enthusiasm Wednesday. Extremely contradictory news is the reason for this, which does not yet allow investors to decide on a possible continuation of the movement. A number of pharmaceutical companies, on the one hand, are not only close to

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Oil Rose While Gold Dropped On Monday

On Monday, oil prices continued to grow at their highest level in almost three months, hoping for a demand rebound in 2021 and an extension of OPEC supply cuts past 31 December. On 30 November and 1 December, the representatives of the OPEC+ will meet.

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U.S. Indices Dropped After Tug Of War Between U.S. Treasury And Fed

The major U.S. indices show negative dynamics in the trading on Friday, November 20, due to disputes between the Federal Reserve and the US Treasury over the extension of a variety of programs during the coronavirus pandemic to support the country’s economy. Thus, Treasury Secretary