Why Did The LiqTech (LIQT) Stock Surge 8% In The Extended Session?

Following the signing of a contract, LiqTech International Inc. (NASD: LIQT) was gaining on the charts yesterday, increasing 7.95% to trade at $0.3885 at the most recent check.

Which contract did LIQT sign?

For the purpose of commercializing a combination solution for acid purification, LiqTech (LIQT) has formed a collaboration agreement with Ecolotron Wastewater Solutions, Inc., a company specializing in electrolytic water treatment with headquarters in the United States. The innovative solution provided by LiqTech and Ecolotron is based on a combination of LiqTech’s silicon carbide ceramic ultrafiltration system for the filtering of crude phosphoric acid streams and Ecolotron’s E-FLOC technology-electrochemical precipitate and oxidation/reduction system. For this combination approach, the two businesses have submitted a joint patent application.

The exceptionally durable silicon carbide ceramic membrane from LIQT is perfect for filtering highly acidic substances like phosphoric acid. Since it began running two months ago, its first commercial test unit in the USA has produced excellent results in streamlining the manufacturing of acids, increasing process effectiveness, and raising product quality.

The manufacture of crude phosphoric acid will be able to further improve its purification procedures thanks to this mixed solution and Ecolotron. This excellent combination technology will be made available to LIQT’s clients, and the company will also provide specially designed solutions for the phosphoric acid sector.

Order won by LIQT:

A recent $0.5 million order for a comprehensive filtering system for the oil and gas industry’s recovery of monoethylene glycol (“MEG”) was placed with LIQT. This order is the first of two for an offshore project for a large American oil company doing business in Europe. In 2023, the system is anticipated to ship. The system will make use of the dependable silicon carbide (SiC) membrane technology developed by LIQT, which has special technological benefits for this application.

This large system order for a MEG recovery application was given to LiqTech (LIQT), expanding the market for its SiC membrane technology inside the oil and gas sector. The user will gain from lower greenhouse gas emissions and energy use by effectively recovering MEG. This initial system order will be delivered by LIQT in early 2023, and the company will collaborate closely with the client on any prospective installations at subsequent sites.

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